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The section on Outside Resources has been updated October 2018 with many new items. Be sure to check it out.

Dr. Dall speaks out about lipid guidelines

The new European 2019 lipid guidelines recommend high dose statins (and ezetimibe if needed) to aggressively lower LDL-C.  Also, it is recommends to measure lipoprotein (a) only once.

I am happy to see some acknowledgement of the importance of lipoprotein (a), but this seems counterintuitive. High dose statins increase lipoprotein (a) and aortic stenosis risk!

At least 30 % of patients have lipoprotein (a) elevation and there is a higher percentage in the secondary, prevention population.  I guess if we only check once we don't know what we have caused. High dose statins also don't help hyper-absorbers of cholesterol (look at 4S study). That is 20 % of people!

Shouldn't guidelines at a minimum "do no harm"?

Those of us who have been measuring lipoprotein (a) - and Apo B or LDL P - for decades now know how predictable "statin induced increase" is in both hyper-absorbers and genetically elevated lipoprotein (a).

I guess these and other guidelines just keep the "virtual lipid clinic" in business but it is unfortunate. I would love to see this disease trend reverse, and would love to have a reason to retire.

I suspect in 10 years this will get figured out by the "decision makers". Until then we keep trying to discuss this when given the opportunity at medical education events.

What Does Your Blood Reveal About You - Insulance Resistance & Belly Fat

Some testimonials deserve sharing. In fact there are two more things since December that just plain require sharing. One is Choe, one of Dr. Dall's very special patients who has been so very successful in her treatment and the other is a testimonial from another professional.

Chloe at 14


Maryann's Testimonial

And while the following links are not to your typical "normal" testimonials, you might find them interesting reading..


Discordance between apolipoprotein B and low-density lipoprotein particle number is associated with insulin resistance in clinical practice

Targeting Insulin Resistance: The Ongoing Paradigm Shift in Diabetes Prevention

Comprehensive Biomarker Testing of Glycemia, Insulin Resistance, and Beta Cell Function

Discordance between apolipoprotein B and low-density lipoprotein particle number is associated with insulin resistance in clinical practice

Serum α-hydroxybutyrate (α-HB) predicts elevated 1 h glucose levels and early-phase β-cell dysfunction during OGTT

Listen to 30 minutes of Dr. Dall on Forever Young radio

Chloe's Story Revisited - Don't miss it.

Dr. Dall has become a guest on WABC's Sunday Optimal Wellness Hour radio program. Here is a segment from the inaugural show.

Dr. Dall appeared on Dallas’ KTXD's morning program
The Broadcast to discuss insulin resistance.


Below is a single entry from the link above that
explains the familiar cholesterol panel from HD

Dr. Dall explains one major reason for slow female fat loss.

Posted June 19th on huffingtonpost.com under "The Blog" in the HUFFPOST HEALTHY LIVING section, by Jeffrey Bland, Ph.D

a worthy read...
The Elephant in the Exam Room:
How Insurance Companies Affect the Doctor-Patient Relationship

"Conquerors of the Heart" share their stories of survival at the Richmond Heart Ball


Dr. Dall is featured here as one of 15 healthcare leaders under 40.

Recent article co-authored by Dr. Dall published in Metabolic Syndrome and Related Disorders, Volume X, Number X, 2012

It's Not the Passengers, It's the Cars...
Here you can watch Dr. Dall discuss LDL Particles, large & small, and the beginnings of her specialty practice in lipidology.


Hear Dr. Dall's 30-minute "radio" interview on advanced testing for Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) on the website PCOS Challenge. http://www.pcos.tv:80/pcos-testing/

Check out Dr. Dall's educational videos

and read her latest publication on
Low-Density Lipoprotein Particle Measurement

And to watch two Great Videos of LDL Lipoprotein particles invading your arterial wall and how plaque forms Click Here.

Early Detection Center for Heart Disease and Diabetes was Dr. Dall's vision to create a cutting-edge center for early detection of heart disease & diabetes using the most advanced diagnostic tools available. Heart disease is the number one killer of Americans and is almost entirely preventable.

Dr. Dall has almost 20 years experience using advanced lipid testing. She was an “early adopter” of NMR technology when it first became clinically available in the late 1990s. Armed with this additional more comprehensive assessment of your blood, we can identify genetic factors not picked up on traditional testing, and we can help determine whether or not aggressive treatment of cholesterol is needed.

Sometimes it is not. Unless there are excess LDL Particles or Apo B, high cholesterol may not need to be treated with drugs. Refer to several of the videos on this site as well as on youtube. Click Here for the results of a Google search of Dr. Dall's videos.

Dr. Dall’s mission is to identify early signs of heart disease and metabolic problems that lead to diabetes years before you have a heart attack or stroke. And if you already have some form of heart disease, we will use treatments that have been shown to slow or even reverse the disease over time.

Past Articles by Dr. Dall and Staff:

Case Study - Advanced Lipid Testing-Beyond LDL-P and Apo B
  (Lipid Spin Summer 2011)

Moving beyond LDL-C: incorporating lipoprotein particle numbers
  and geometric parameters to improve clinical outcomes
(Nov. 2010)

Original Research on Metformin. Click to see Poster.
  The original poster is 36 x 48, but this reduced pdf is legible.
  Abstract Presented at American Diabetes Association (ADA),
  New Orleans, June 5, 2009.  

 Dr. Dall has Omega-3 article published in Southern Medical Journal
 Dr. Dall is featured in an ad in the Journal of Clinical Lipidology
Vitamin D: Merging Research into a Clinical Lipid Practice
Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), Insulin Resistance and Lipids




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