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      Here We Tell a Bit About Ourselves Using Images

AdvLip Advanced Lipidology's Wonderful Staff.

Approaching Reception Desk
Approaching the Reception Desk as you enter the office.

Reception Area Viewing Reception Desk
View of the Reception Desk from the Waiting Area.

Waiting Area
Here is a nice view of our beautiful, relaxing Waiting Area.

Exam Room
Here is a picture of one of the all purpose Exam Rooms.

CIMT Scan Room
Here is our CIMT Scanning Room - the blue "computer" is the simple device that does the scanning.
To watch a video of an actual CIMT scan you can Click Here to see how it works.

Consult Room
Here is one of our rooms for Patient Consultations.

Consult Room Two
Here is our second room for Patient Consultations.
Discussion of CIMT results would often take place here.

Yoga Moment
Dr. Dall enjoys a Yoga Moment after a hard days work. Good for your heart, and your soul!