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Tara Dall, MD

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Bio updated February 2019 (printable PDF)
Curriulum Vitae (CV) updated November 2019
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American Board of Clinical Lipidology, Diplomate 2005
University of Wisconsin – Madison, Board Certified Family Medicine 2001
University of Wisconsin – Madison Medical School, MD 1998
University of Wisconsin – Madison, BS 1994

Practice History:
Dr. Tara Dall is a third generation primary care physician and Wisconsin native, following in the footsteps of her father, Dr. James Dall and grandfather Dr. Glenn Dall.   She started her medical career working side by side with her father as a full time family practitioner at Moreland Family Medical Associates, Waukesha, Wisconsin in 2001. Her primary care practice had a strong emphasis in women’s health, preventive medicine, and use of biomarkers for early disease detection.

Recognizing there was a need for more cardiovascular primary prevention services especially in traditionally under-served population of women and children she decided a few years later to become board certified in clinical lipidology and to focus her medical practice on cardiometabolic disease. Dr. Dall graduated in the first class of Diplomats of the American Board of Clinical Lipidology in November 2005, and is one of a handful of United States physicians treating pediatric dyslipidemia.  She has served as assistant clinical professor at the Medical College of Wisconsin as well as a clinical preceptor for the Waukesha family practice residency program to provide a lipid clinic experience for medical trainees.

In 2007 she was the recipient of Mayo Clinic’s award for “Innovations in Preventive Cardiology and the same year Dr Dall’s clinic in Wisconsin became nationally recognized by the National Lipid Association as the first fully certified lipid clinic in the United States.   She has been very involved in the National Lipid association as an elected board member, serving as president elect of the Midwest Lipid Association during 2011-2012. After 6 years she closed the doors at the “Early Detection Center for Heart Disease and Diabetes” to transition to virtual web based consulting serving both national and international clients.  In 2015, she cofounded Virtua MD concierge in Richmond, Virginia to continue her ability to see patients physically as well as in the virtual world
Dr Dall has advocated for advanced lipoprotein testing and especially the role it plays in early detection of insulin resistance and cardiovascular risk her entire medical career.  She believes advanced biomarker testing provides a window into these preventable disease states many years before diabetes or a heart attack happens. She passionately brought her fight to “beat heart disease and diabetes” to the web in 2010, cofounding lecturepad.org and FHITtv.org, web platforms that advance clinical understanding and application of advanced biomarker testing to both clinicians and patients.

Known for her passionate delivery of complex medical topics in patient-friendly terms, Dall travels the world to present research on advanced biomarkers and educates physicians around the U.S. on the importance of going beyond cholesterol and considering the role of biomarkers to help identify and manage the root cause of disease.  Dr. Dall is a regular go-to for reporters and has been quoted in Bloomberg News and CBS Sports regarding her role in HDL, Inc.’s testing and partnership with Washington Redskins NFL team. She has appeared on CNN Radio, wabcradio (Forever Young radio and Optimal Wellness), Reach MD Satellite Radio, and RadioHealth Journal, along with many local and national media outlets, including serving as a regular medical correspondent on the Broadcast KTXD-TV in Dallas, Texas.

In 2012, she accepted the position of Chief Medical Officer at Virginia based Health Diagnostic Laboratory, Inc. and has led the medical team to new heights co-authoring research and continuing to educate physicians nationally. She has since been recognized in the inaugural issue of Our Health Magazine as one of Richmond’s health care leaders “40 and under”.

Dall considers it a blessing to be part of a movement in medicine that will change the way physicians treat patients and assess their risk, but she knows that it’s both an opportunity and a challenge. “The public needs to know about advanced biomarker testing, and I am on a mission to educate consumers, insurance companies, employers, governments and practicing physicians. We can prevent heart disease and diabetes and dramatically reduce health care costs, but we need to step out of our traditional paradigm of thinking,” Dall told the Richmond (Va.) Times-Dispatch in 2013. “I’m so optimistic it will happen despite the challenges that lay ahead.”

Professional Philosophy:
Dr. Dall believes in taking a compassionate, respectful, non-judgmental approach to caring for her patients and uses a strength-based approach to counseling patients regarding making behavioral changes.  She seeks to empower, inform and uncover hidden risk to ultimately prevent chronic disease and empower my patient to live and age optimally.

Tara Dall MD


Tara Dall ABCL


Tara Dall Mayo Award