What People Are Saying

“Thank You for giving great lectures and empowring me to make a HUGE difference in some of my patients.  I myself topped the scale at 304 and became diabetic ...in 18 month I lost more than 100 pounds! If I only knew about this years ago.” 

Carol Jacobs, MD

“Dr. Dall is brilliant and renowned for her expertise in the testing, interpretation and treatment of advanced cardiovascular biomarkers.  Her functional medicine training and philosophy make her the perfect doctor for you if your goal includes solving challenging medical issues or optimizing total wellness.” 

Maryann s. 


“...we can attest to the personalized care and responsive communication Dr. Dall provides... she always gives you her full attention and all the time you need. We are blessed and very grateful to have Dr. Dall as our Doctor.”

John S.


“She is very thorough, provides a detailed writtnen explanation after each visit, but also has the talent and ability to explain medical concepts to a layperson like me.”

Sandy M.


“As a Medical Doctor, I have attended many medical confrence and not until I listened to Dr. Dall's lectures (and I myself became her paitent) did I begin to implement her methods that address insulin resistance. Now, after almost two years, I have had patients achieve normal BMI's that otherwise could not. ”

N. Feurgeson, MD

“At 11 years old, I was obese and over-weight, after attempting every treatment option, I finally went to see Dr. Dall, in one year I lost 53 pounds and I was able to learn that it was not my fault, I was Insulin Resistant and no one realized this or took time to walk me through it then Dr. Dall."


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